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  • Hours of Independent Play Activities
  • Right-size box perfect for little laps and backpacks
  • Stimulates creativity, independence, imagination, and fine-motor skills
  • Hand-curated and tested by Early Childhood educator and Mother of 3
  • Ages 3-8


This self-contained box of fun is packed with everything you need is inside, including a bingo board that encourages new ideas and self-play.  Each box contains and activities with the items hand-curated and tested by an Early Childhood Developmental Specialist and mother of 3. Designed to stimulate free-play, imagination, and fine-motor skills, the Animal-Themed Travel Activity Box will enterain a variety of ages, especially ages 3-8 years old.


The box itself is a coloring and activity sheet that each child can make their own, inside the box it is filled with open ended and independent activities that inspire creativity and play.  Specifically designed to be easy to do on a lap, table, tray table or even the floor--making it great for travel, eating out, quiet activities for a rainy day, hotel or grandma's house!

Activity Box (Winter Theme)

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